Invest in Context
Our integrated approach goes beyond investment management, combining informed advice with sophisticated services and capabilities through a holistic and disciplined process.

"We put a high priority on knowing our clients and the people and things they care about. This is as important to us as understanding their financial goals and challenges." Susan Grayson
Integrated Wealth Management

Our disciplined approach encompasses our clients' financial and personal circumstances, as well as their desires, goals, opportunities and risks. It is an ongoing process that combines analysis, expertise and sophisticated financial services to help each client achieve specific financial, investment and life goals. We consider this integrated approach to be essential to our clients' financial well-being, and provide this service as part of our management fee.

Our capabilities extend beyond those of traditional brokerage firms, financial planning and many investment management firms, to include:

Integrated financial, tax, and investment strategies
As the saying goes "it's not what you make but what you get to keep". We can help you ensure that assets are aligned and managed to achieve the best possible outcome with respect to the impact of income, gift and estate taxes.

Retirement Planning
We can help you establish a plan as you transition from employment and wages to "harvesting" your portfolio to supplement social security and/or pensions to provide for your income needs in retirement. We also can help you create appropriate social security strategies for you and your spouse.

Risk Management
We believe that every asset exists to satisfy a future need for cash; thus, risk is really defined as not having the cash when you need it. We can help you construct a portfolio that places equal emphasis on your cash flow needs as well as your return goals and risk tolerance.

Estate Planning
We often work with clients to create a strategy for the transfer of their wealth. Plans may include educating children and/or grandchildren; providing for intergenerational wealth transfers; developing a succession plan for your business; building a framework for the design and creation of wills and trusts.

Charitable Planning
We can help you set up Charitable Endowments and/or develop prudent gifting strategies that achieve your philanthropic goals while being sensitive to tax issues.

Insurance Planning
We can help review our client's insurance needs to protect existing assets and income streams. The review includes life, disability and long-term care insurance needs. If insurance is needed, we work with clients and their agents to select the product most suitable to address the client's needs.

Divorce Planning
Divorce can present unique challenges for clients. We can help you with the consolidation and assessment of your assets, the determination of future financial needs and the development of investment objectives specific to your new life goals.