Our unique and informed approach analyzes all aspects of our clients' financial circumstances, to better address their desires, goals, opportunities and challenges.
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"I received a large influx of cash over a short period of time and needed a professional manager to advise me on how to structure it. The Guild offered advice I would not have thought of, and reduced my tax liability significantly." Client since 2002.
About The Guild

New England Guild Wealth Advisors provides comprehensive, highly individualized wealth and financial management services to high net worth individuals and their families. We offer strong investment management expertise combined with comprehensive financial services customized to achieve our clients' financial, investment and life goals.

Why ‘The Guild’?

In 1991, we chose the word ‘Guild’ to distinguish our unique approach and capabilities among financial services firms. Our commitment to knowing our clients well, to applying a comprehensive process to achieving their goals, and to providing integrated services through a diverse, collaborative union of financial professionals continues to differentiate us from our peers. The word Guild conveys the values we endeavor to bring to our clients: exceptional skill, uncompromising standards, and an understanding born from diverse talents working together to serve a common purpose. Through a collaboration that is uncommon in our profession, we offer our clients an integrated program of advisory services and the kind of objective counsel that truly places the client's best interests first.