Putting Clients First
See what distinguishes the Guild's approach from investment managers and broker dealers.

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Our Difference

Our Mission is to improve our clients' financial well-being. In this endeavor, we provide our clients with objective investment advice and wealth management solutions designed to achieve their financial goals and address life's ever-changing challenges.

We are distinguished by our collaborative approach. Our group brings diverse financial capabilities, backgrounds and an average of 20 years of experience to clients of the firm. Therefore, as we develop solutions for clients, it is common for us to provide our clients with the best possible solutions, incorporating elements and capabilities not usually offered by other investment management firms.

We maintain a client focus in everything we do. We are committed to being unbiased and independent, while consistently offering highly personalized service and creative solutions. We don't work for commissions. We don't have sales incentives, third-party compensation or "in-house" promoted investment products. We are fee-only, and as such, the only fee we earn is the fee we earn from you. That enables us to provide the kind of value, creativity and objective counsel that truly places our clients' best interests first.

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