How The Guild Can Help

Our approach to wealth management is integrated and highly customized.
The Guild can help if you...
Are nearing retirement and recognize the need to have a well-designed plan as to how existing investment assets will support your retirement income needs.
Are experiencing a liquidity event such as the sale of a business.
Are expecting to receive a significant inheritance that requires a more sophisticated level of investment planning.
Appreciate that today's investment landscape is much broader than stocks and bonds and would like help in broadening your portfolio to incorporate the benefits of higher risk-adjusted returns that come with more robust asset diversification.
Are interested in strategic investing as opposed to market timing, frenetic trading, or find yourself invested in assets that you don't really understand.
Are in need of more creative and complex wealth management solutions that integrate tax management, estate planning and insurance planning in your asset strategy.
Are busy in your own career and/or life-style demands and want to delegate wealth and investment management to professionals (i.e. need a personal Chief Financial Officer) you can trust.
Are experiencing a significant life-changing event such as a divorce or the death of a loved one and recognize the financial challenges that often accompany these events.
Are faced with significant decisions that may include social security elections, stock option exercise, pension payout elections, inherited IRA elections, disclaimer decisions related to inheritances, and need guidance.
Don't believe that your current investment program is part of an overall strategic plan designed to achieve your financial goals.
Are unsatisfied with your existing advisor or broker relationship.
Are unsure about how much you will need in retirement and wonder if you are saving enough.